Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Save on Utility Bills
Up to 15% of your utility bill is for energy to heat water. Having your water heater operating efficiently will save on your utility bill. Avoid Costly Repairs
Catch small problems before they become expensive breakdowns. Conserve water by repairing small leaks. Save money on your water bill. Maximize Equipment Life
Regular facilities maintenance, building maintenance and preventive maintenance on your mechanical and water systems will extend the life of the equipment
Air Condition
Make sure that the condenser is in good working condition. The condenser is normally found outside the house. This is what keeps the liquid in the unit cool through its coils. If the coils are cool, the water in it will be cooler as well. In order for it to cool the coils, there should not be anything that will block the air from getting in the condenser. Remove leaves, branches and other things that may block the vents. Nothing should block it within one to two feet.

It will also help if you keep you air conditioning unit cool. If it is cool, it will not need to work harder. This means that energy is used efficiently. This makes it last longer as well. This is why it is ideal to have your unit in a shaded area. You may plant a tree or a shrub that can protect your unit from direct heat of the sun without blocking its vent. You should also be consistent with the level of cooling of the device. Do not turn it on and off repeatedly. You can set it low and let it cool the room without changing it every time. It is also ideal to have your fan unit in auto rather than in an on mode.

Regularly check your air conditioning system too. Change your filter regularly. A clean filter is essential to ensure that you breathe a clean air. Have it serviced and checked by professionals too.
IF BULBS AND TUBES STILL LOOK DARK after they have been cleaned, they are about to go and are giving poor light. Screw in new ones.
DISPOSE OF OLD BULBS AND TUBES carefully. In fires, they produce minor explosions. Thrown out carelessly they can cause serious cuts, especially on children. And the materials used in some fluorescent tubes may be harmful when they are broken.

Overloading a circuit with appliances, worn cords, and defective equipment will cause blown fuses. Use the electric light bulbs which the wattage suited the the task they performed and make sure the keep the light fixtures clean to avoid the poor light.